Once you are arrested for DUI, life will become hectic and scary. However, despite being arrested, all is not lost. From the moment the officer puts you in the squad car until you arrive at the police station to be booked, you should immediately try to think ahead as much as possible. Even though there will be many unfamiliar sights and sounds thrown your way, hiring a DUI attorney Los Angeles police know has a reputation for helping clients beat these charges is an important first step. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI, here are some things that happen immediately after this takes place.

Being Taken into Custody
Once an officer has determined you are driving under the influence, they will charge you with DUI and take you into custody. If you were driving alone, the car will be left at the scene, then towed and impounded. If you had a passenger with you who was deemed to be sober, the officer has the discretion to let that person drive the vehicle away from the scene. However, if your vehicle is towed and impounded, you’ll be responsible for paying towing fees and other fees to retrieve your vehicle.

Booking Procedure
Once at the station, officers will perform a variety of duties such as:
–Take fingerprints
–Mug Shot
–Perform blood test or breathalyzer to verify BAC
Once completed, you’ll be placed in a holding cell, where you may stay for several hours or possibly overnight. However, you will be given the opportunity to contact someone by phone, which in many cases should be a DUI lawyer attorney Los Anegels cops know has an excellent reputation helping clients in these situations.

Getting Released
Unless your DUI charge is a felony-level crime, you’ll likely be released within 24 hours of the arrest. Once this happens, do your best to retrieve your vehicle if it was impounded. After doing this, go home, get your thoughts together, and then plan on contacting a DUI lawyer attorney Los Anegels knows is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with these cases. In addition to this, since your driver’s license was likely suspended, you’ll need to schedule a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of the arrest, or you risk not being granted a hearing. And upon meeting with your lawyer, inquire not only about the DMV hearing, but also discuss your case in great detail, which will allow your attorney to know the various types of evidence that may prove crucial to your case, such as BAC results, police reports, and any bodycam or other video evidence in possession of the police or district attorney.

Schedule a Consultation
While being arrested for DUI can be a complex and challenging situation, hiring a DUI attorney Los Angeles knows gets excellent results for their clients is crucial to navigating this difficult process. However, by doing so, you’ll quickly gain peace of mind, knowing you have an attorney who will ensure your rights are protected.