When you find yourself with a DUI conviction, there can be negative consequences in a number of situations. For example, it may cost you the chance to obtain certain jobs, and it can also be a determining factor in renting a house or apartment. Rather than face these difficulties time after time, many people choose to have their DUI conviction expunged from their criminal record. While all states do not allow these convictions to be expunged, if you’re successful, it will be as if the conviction never occurred. If you’re interested in pursuing this course of action, here’s how you can work with a DUI attorney to do so.

Speak with an Attorney
When seeking to expunge your record of a DUI conviction, it’s best to hire the services of a DUI lawyer who has been successful in helping clients with this task. By discussing your case, you can obtain an objective opinion as to whether your lawyer feels you will be successful. If so, your attorney will file a motion with the court district where the prosecution took place.

Waiting Period
In all cases where a person wants to have a DUI conviction expunged from their record, there is a waiting period. Generally, the shortest waiting time will be one year. However, this can vary from state to state, so be prepared to have some patience while your lawyer guides you through the complex legal process.

Determining Factors for Expunging Record
Once your DUI attorney files a motion with the court, the judge will look at a variety of factors when deciding whether or not to grant your request. These include:
–Any additional DUI convictions
–Other criminal charges or convictions
–Completion of treatment programs
–Character witnesses on your behalf
While it may take a year or more to have a request granted regarding expunging your DUI record, most hearings can be scheduled within 30-60 days from the time your lawyer files the motion with the court. Therefore, you should prepare for the hearing as soon as possible. To do so, gather any paperwork showing completion of treatment programs, and try to arrange for at least two or three people to speak on your behalf at the hearing, such as your minister, employer, or others.

Removing DUI Conviction from Driving Record
While it’s possible to have your DUI conviction removed from your criminal record, it’s much harder to have it removed from your driving record. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Again, this will vary from state to state, so be sure to ask your DUI lawyer if this is a viable option.

Schedule a Consultation
Rather than sit back and let a DUI conviction keep you from pursuing the life you want to be living, schedule a consultation with a DUI attorney to discuss the possibility of expunging your DUI record. By doing so, you can start the process that may result in letting you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you will no longer have a criminal record.